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About me

Stéph Institut


Aesthetics professional for 26 years


Expert in anti-aging, sensitive, reactive and problem skin

Weight management consultant

My journey


Aesthetics professional for 26 years, I have been working with natural products for 17 years. As an employee or on my own, the difficulties inherent in my practice have pushed me to look for a new way of doing my job, to find a new balance.

I discovered a medicinal plant, through my big sister who had been using these products for a year. Its enthusiasm, its results and the high-end quality made me want to test them. Products made from unprocessed Aloe Vera pulp, direct producer, with exceptional nutritional qualities for rapid and undisputed results.

In a short time I noticed changes in my tone, my inner well-being and my skin.

I wanted to share these results with you, share them with you and continue to take care of others, but in a holistic way. Thanks to this plant, I can combine the maintenance of the body with that of my favorite area, the skin. I take charge of the being in its entirety, to bring you natural answers.

It is also the possibility of a retraining or a parallel activity for you, towards a fulfilling, dynamic and flexible profession, for an additional salary or a full time.

For professionals, this is an opportunity for a new offer to complete your business, in a buoyant market, with a solid company. I train and support you to help you develop, develop your turnover and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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